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Product Information

Thompson's Drive Seal is a high performance acrylic coating specifically designed to enhance the appearance of tarmac drives and obliterate existing stains. Its quick drying formulation means that the drive can be back in use in as little as 4 hours. Once dry Thompson's Drive Seal reaches its optimum performance after a few days and gives an attractive, low sheen, slip resistant finish which provides unrivalled protection from weather damage and prevents oil and petrol spills leaving unsightly stains on the surface.


Suitable for use on sound tarmac


6mē/L per coat depending on the porosity of the substrate


Allow 4 hours between coats.





5 Litre







For maximum performance ensure all surfaces are clean and free from any dust or loose material that may interfere with the adhesion of Thompson's Drive Seal. Remove dirt, moss, lichen, dust or loose material by brushing with a stiff bristle brush. Use Thompson's Oil & Drive Cleaner to remove existing oil/grease deposits and to clean driveways prior to application. Rinse with water and brush the area to be coated to remove all surface debris. Taking account of the existing surface, fill any holes or surface imperfections with a suitable cold cure tarmac in accordance with the manufacturers instructions.


Thompson's Drive Seal can be applied by long pile roller to damp, but not saturated surfaces. Using a roller tray, load the roller fully and apply in an even coat ensuring all irregularities are covered. To ensure maximum durability apply two coats. Once the second coat has been applied allow 4 hours before subjecting the surface to light traffic, Thompson's Drive Seal does not reach its optimum performance until after a few days and should be left overnight before subjecting to heavy use. In cold, damp conditions recoating times will be extended.

Clean Up

Clean brushes, rollers and other equipment immediately after use with detergent and warm water. Remove as much product as possible from application equipment before cleaning.

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