Integral Waterproofer

Our Integral Waterproofer will provide water resistance and plasticisation to masonry and render mortars. Add directly to the mix or dilute with gauging water, depending on the mix required.

Conforms to BS EN 934

Integral Waterproofer 5L.png

Provides long term water protection to mortar & render

Protects against erosion

Eliminates suction

Suitable for use in:

mortar & render 

Conforms to BS EN 934

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m2 / litre




Brickwork should be left with the mortar joints raked out to form a key
Remove all existing decoration and plaster
Make sure backing is sound and free from dust, laitenance, grease, oil and any surface water

Always ensure the backing is strong enough to accept the high strength render
Mix the render based on the mix ratios required
Apply the render in two coats to a thickness of approximately 20mm

Clean all equipment with water immediately after use