Powdered Mortar Plasticiser

Thompsons Powdered Mortar Plasticiser allows accurate dosing of Mortar Plasticiser in cement mixes, plasticising up to 50kg of cement. Each sachet can be added directly to the mix without premixing or diluting

Conforms to BS EN 934

Powdered Mortar Plasticiser.png

Contains 200 x 15g sachets

Improves workability of mortar mixes

Increases resistance to freeze thaw cycles in the set mortar

Minimises cracking & crazing

Suitable for use in:


Mix Ratio - 1 Sachet Per 50kg of Cement

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Use only in machine mixers

Empty contents of one sachet into a full mixer whilst mixing

Please note: Less water is required when using this product. This will deliver a stronger mix