Universal PVA

Our Universal PVA will seal concrete, mortar and plaster. It will also increase the strength and adhesion properties in the surface

Conforms to BS 5270 & BS EN 204D1


Professional Adhesive & Sealer

Seals concrete, mortar & plaster

Increases strength & adhesion properties

Suitable for use on:

concrete, mortar & plaster

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m2 / litre


500ml_1L_2 5L_5L_25L.png


  • Surfaces must be clean and dry
  • Seal dusty surfaces before continuing
  • Materials may settle on prolonged standing
  • Stir well before use


Dilute with water to the recommended dilution rate
Apply evenly with a brush or roller

Bonding Agent
Priming porous surfaces:
Brush apply before plastering

Using as an additive in render:
Dilute with water to the recommended dilution rate and add to rendering mixture

General Adhesive
Apply evenly to less porous surfaces with a brush
Position and apply light pressure to aid adhesion

Setting Times
Priming and bonding agent - Touch dry in 30 minutes, full cure in 1-3 hours
General Adhesive - 30 minutes. Maximum strength will be achieved after 24 hours
(Setting times are dependent on temperature, humidity and porosity of the substrate)

Remove mis-applied or excess product before it dries with a wet cloth
Brushes or rollers should be washed in water