Eco Chem Multi Surface Algae Remover

Thompson's Ecochem Multi Surface Algae Remover is powerful, fast acting and easy to use. Surfaces are protected for up to 6 months using its biodegradable & Eco friendly formula. 


Fast Acting

Protects for up to 6 months

Removes algae, green growth & fungi

Suitable for use on:

all outdoor surfaces

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Come rain or shine, Thompson's got it covered

Working Time

24 - 48 hours




m2 / litre




Give the surface a good scrub with a stiff bristle brush, removing and moss or dirt

For thick algae growth, dilute 1 part remover to 5 parts water.

For thinner algae growth, dilute 1 part remover to 20 parts water.

Apply at a maximum rate of 300ml of diluted product per metre2 of surface.

Apply Thompson’s Ecochem Multi Surface Algae Remover on a dry day when no rain is forecast for 12 hours.

For best results, use a sprayer to spray the surface, ensuring good overall coverage.

There is no need to brush or wash down the treated surface after application.

You can wipe away any dry residue, or it should disappear with time once weathered.

Clean all equipment in warm soapy water