Patio & Block Paving Cleaner Sachets

Patio & Block Paving Cleaner Sachets are the easy way to clean and revive patios. Simply drop the sachets in 5L of water and mix to create a tough cleaning liquid.


Dilute into water

Kills mould & algae

Removes dirt & grime to revive & brighten

Suitable for use on:

All bare & treated patio & block paving

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Give the surface a decent scrub with a stiff bristle brush to remove any dust or dirt. Don’t wet the surface as the cleaner works best when the surface is dry.

Cut open the pack and take out the sachets.
Be careful not to cut the sachets.

Drop the sachets into a 5L bucket and fill the bucket with warm water. The sachets should dissolve in about 90 seconds

General cleaning
Pour the cleaner onto the patio and give the area a good scrub with a stiff bristle brush

Leave it to do its job for 10-15 minutes

Clean down the surface with water and a brush

Removing algae
Use a watering can to spray the cleaner onto the patio and leave for 2-3 days

This will give it enough time to kill the algae and remove its green stain without the need to scrub

After 2-3 days, brush down the area to remove any dust or dirt

Clean all of your equipment in warm water and detergent