Epoxy Patching Mortar

Thompsons Epoxy Patching Mortar is a three part general purpose epoxy mortar that makes permanent repairs to horizontal, vertical or overhead substrates. Ideal for repairing floors, steps and kerbs

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Three part patching mortar

Easy to use

Ideal for repairing floors, steps & kerbs

Suitable for:

Floors steps & kerbs

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m2 / litre




Ensure the surface is clean, dry and free from dust and dirt

Remove the two containers and bag of sand filler from the bucket

Mix together the resin and hardener in the empty bucket

Use some of this mixture sparingly to prime the surface to be repaired

Once the surface is primed, add the sand to the resin mixture, mixing well until a crumbly mixture is achieved

Trowel the mixture into the repair, compacting well.

Use a wetted trowel to smooth down the repair

Clean tools in warm soapy water immediately after use