Mould Release Agent

Thompson's Mould Release Agent is formulated for application onto timber, plywood, steel and plastic moulds and formwork before casting concrete.

SWS 697 Mould Release Agent 5L 330x330.png

Excellent Coverage

Controls hydration of cement

Protects steel from rust

Ready to use

Suitable for use on:

timber, plywood, steel, plastic moulds & formwork

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Working Time

36 hours before use


10-15m2 / litre


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10-15m2 / litre


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All formwork should be clean and dry before application.

For new unsealed timbers, pre-treatment is recommended.

Ready to use.

New porous moulds should be coated with Thompson’s Mould Release Agent 36 hours before use. Further coats can be applied as normal.

Ready to use. Do not dilute

Apply undiluted by spray, brush or roller, ensuring a thin coverage.

Care should be taken to avoid over application, which can result in dusting on the concrete’s surface.

Any excess material in the bottom of the moulds should be mopped up prior to the placement of the concrete

Clean tools in water immediately after use