Deep Fill Floor Levelling Compound

Deep Fill Floor Levelling Compound offers excellent flow properties and will level floors from 5mm to 50mm in just 90 minutes.

Conforms to EN 13813:2002

SWS 697 DeepFillFloorLevelingCompound Paper Bag 20kg_330x330.png

Application thickness from 5mm to 50mm

Fast Setting Formula

Walk on after 90 minutes

Excellent self levelling & flow properties

Suitable for use on:

All floors 

Coverage - 3.8m2 per 20kg bag

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Drying Time







Suitable for use over a wide range of absorbent subfloor types including sand/cement screed and concrete. It is also suitable for use over non-absorbent subfloors such as ceramics, granolithic, terrazzo and quarry tiles, providing they are sound, well adhered and suitably prepared.

Ensure the subfloor is sound, clean, dry (<75% RH and <65% RH for wood floor installations) and free from contaminants which may prevent adhesion


Floors should be primed to ensure good adhesion between the levelling compound and substrate, providing a higher quality finish

Priming also helps prevent pinholing and rapid drying of the levelling compound

Primers must be allowed to dry before applying the levelling compound

Care should be taken not to contaminate the primed subfloor

Prime absorbent surfaces with Thompson's Universal PVA. On non-absorbent surfaces prime with neat Thompson's Universal PVA

Concrete amd sand/cement screeds must be fully cured and any laitenance or surface treatments must be removed

Ensure the temperature of the floor is maintained above 5⁰C throughout application and drying of Thompson's Deep Fill Floor Levelling Compound

Switch off underfloor heating 48 hours before, during and after application

Subfloors must incorporate an effective damp proofing membrane and conform to the requirements of relevant BS standards for flooring installation


Add clean water to a mixing bucket and gradually add Thompson's Deep Fill Floor Levelling Compound whilst mixing. Use 3.4L of water when a thickness of 5-15mm is required or 3.2L for applications above 15mm

Quickly stir until a smooth, consistent mix is achieved

For best results, use a power whisk fitted with a slow speed drill

Mix for a minimum of 2 minutes

Do not add extra water

Do not mix more compound than can be applied within 20 minutes

Pour and spread the mix onto the subfloor and allow to flow. Minimal work with a smoothing trowel is required

The mixed material should be applied at a thickness between 5mm to 50mm in one application

Working Time

Approximately 20-30 minutes at 20⁰C, depending on the subfloor absorbency, temperature and humidity.

Setting Time

Suitable for foot traffic after 90 minutes, depending on applied thickness

Drying Times

Cermic and textile floor coverings can be installed after a minimum of 6 hours at 20⁰C

Vinyl, PVC, rubber or linoleum coverings can be applied after 24 hours at a nominal thickness of 5mm

For thicknesses greater than 5mm and up to 30mm, the drying time will be extended up to 7-14 days

Clean tools in water immediately after use