Latex Floor Levelling Compound

Our Latex Floor Levelling Compound will level all floors up to 10mm, leaving them smooth and ready to receive their final floor covering. The addition of latex powder provides flexural strength that makes it ideal  for use with underfloor heating

Latex Floor Levelling Compound 20kg.png

Self levelling

Smooths & levels up to a 10mm thickness

Added latex for improved flexural strength

Protein Free

Suitable for use on:

all floors including in hygiene & food preparation areas

Covers 3.8m2 per 20kg bag.

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Drying Time







Ensure subfloor is sound, clean, dry (<75% RH to BS8102) and free from surface laitance and contamination, such as grease or adhesive residue
Prime all surfaces with diluted Thompson’s Universal PVA
Allow primer to dry before applying Thompson’s Latex Floor Levelling Compound
Switch off under floor heating 48 hours before and after application
Ensure the temperature of the floor is maintained above 5˚C

Add 4L of clean water to a mixing bucket and gradually add Thompson’s Latex Floor Levelling Compound whilst stirring.

Quickly stir until a smooth, consistent mix is achieved.
- For best results, use a power whisk fitted to a slow speed drill
Do not mix more compound than can be applied within 20 minutes.
Do not add extra water.

Pour and spread the mix onto the subfloor to a minimum thickness of 3mm and a maximum of 10mm.

A spiked roller can be used to give a uniform surface appearance and to reduce the occurrence of trapped air and flow lines.

A thickness of 3-10mm should be maintained but a feather edge can be used where necessary.

Working Time
Approximately 20 minutes at 20˚C.

Drying Times
Suitable for foot traffic after approximately 3 hours at 20˚C at 3mm thickness.

Suitable to lay floor coverings after approximately 24 hours at 20˚C.

Clean tools in water immediately after use