How can I brighten up my UPVC windows?

Windows are a key feature of any home. Yet, while you may clean the glass on a regular basis, how often do you clean the UPVC frame itself? Giving the frames a spring clean can work wonders, removing potentially months’ worth of dirt, grime and weathering and helping to brighten up the overall window.

Thompson’s UPVC Restorer works to quickly and easily remove stains without scratching the surface, leaving it clean, revived and brilliantly white.

This is a great job to do on a dry and fine day. First things first, give the surface a wipe with a damp cloth. Then, give the bottle a good shake and pour some of the UPVC Restorer onto a damp cloth. Apply to one section of UPVC at a time, working it into the frame, before using a dry, lint-free cloth to buff the surface. For best results, try to avoid working in direct sunlight, as the solution will dry too quickly.

And that’s it - job done! So, why should you let your window frames let you down? Use Thompson’s UPVC Restorer to give them some love.