Driveways are one of the busiest areas of a home, as they are used all year round, day in, day out. Whether they are hosts to cars, vans, motorhomes or caravans, driveways will inevitably become contaminated with either dirt, petrol, or oil stains – and sometimes, even all three! Additionally, over time tarmac driveways can also lose their dark black colour, fading to a lighter grey due to UV rays and wear and tear. Read on to learn how you can revive your driveway with ease…

Before you give your driveway a new lease of life, you must first clean the surface using Thompson’s Oil and Drive Cleaner to remove any stains. To begin, scrub the driveway with a stiff bristle brush. After this, you can then apply the cleaner. For general cleaning, pour 1L of cleaner into a 5L bucket, and fill the bucket up with water. Then use a stiff bristle brush to clean the whole area. For more stubborn stains, apply the cleaner directly onto the area and work the cleaner into the stain using a stiff bristle brush. Then leave the cleaner to do its job for five minutes on tarmac or 20 minutes on concrete or stone. This will break down the stain and help to get rid of the mark, returning the driveway to its original appearance.

The final step is to hose down the area where the cleaner has been applied, ensuring any remaining suds are removed.

The next step is to revive your driveway by using a seal, such as Thompson’s Quick Drying Drive Seal.

To begin the application process, you must first ensure your driveway is dry and free of all cleaners. Next, pour the seal into a roller tray and fully load a long pile roller with the product before using long smooth strokes to apply it to the driveway surface.

Once the first coat is applied, wait four hours and then apply a second coat to ensure maximum protection. Once this second coat has dried, the surface is ready to be driven on and will resist fuel and oil stains as well as making the surface slip resistant.

With the above steps complete your driveway will be fully revived and ready for use.