When holes and small gaps appear in a roof, time is of the essence to repair the damage and prevent water from seeping – or in a worst-case scenario pouring - into the structure and causing internal damage. Read on to learn how you can quickly repair a roof using our Thompson’s Emergency Roof Seal.

Thompson’s Emergency Roof Seal is designed to immediately fill and bridge small gaps and holes for a tough, long lasting and watertight repair. It is incredibly versatile and can be applied on all types of roofing including felt, asphalt, slate and tiles.

Before applying this product, it is important to make sure the surface is clean. If it is raining, brush away any ponded water around the area of the repair – and if it is dry, remove any dust, dirt or debris with a stiff bristle brush. If needed, always repair any structural faults before applying the seal.

Thompson’s Emergency Roof Seal should then be applied in a thick layer over the problem area. It gets to work immediately and can dry within 24 hours for an incredibly quick fix.

Once the job is done, always make sure that you clean equipment immediately by removing as much product as possible before cleaning with white spirit. As Thompson’s Emergency Roof Seal is solvent-based, it is important to contact your local authority to find out how to dispose of product safely.

There are many reasons why you should choose Thompson’s Emergency Roof Seal to fix a roof, but here’s just some of the benefits…

  • It immediately stops water from getting into the structure and causing lasting damage
  • It can be applied even when it is raining
  • It’s highly water repellent
  • It flexes with natural structural movements without cracking or breaking
  • The thick substance won’t wash away

Please note that Thompson’s Emergency Roof Seal is not suitable for walking on and should therefore only be used as a temporary fix for leaks on balconies or accessible flat roofs.